Thursday, December 21, 2006

Protest Against Moustache Master

Today started promising.
Another letter from the Stranger.
I started to read it and felt that he sounds very optimistic.
He said that finally he has done something good to mention.
Forget the small hooliganism, he started a serious protest against Mr. Lukashenko and his tirany in Belarussia.


As Stranger wanted to do something, he got a bit drunk again and went (at nighttime of course) to the consulate of Belarussia in Tallinn. The story is easy, he just climbed a bit up and took the flag. Yes, he was really able to climb up and take the flag. He went to his mysterious shelter, took picture of this flag and started to think. He had a sudden change of heart. He took the flag itself off the wodden stick and brought back the stick to the consulate, because of the poor country. As he writes the whole protest went quick but well. Of course he sold in an secret auction the Belarussian flag to his good friend in Poland, Waychizcyk Koluzhchewzky.

After he wrote to me personally, that I must burn down all the letters he has sent me to be there no legal clues. Well of course I did so. Cheers Stranger!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stop Dealing With Your Ceiling

"Eat my shorts," as Bart Simpson would say. 
Yes, this is how I feel today, 
after I received a big box from the Stranger. I have never received anything THAT big from him. So I was very excited. I opened the box, but it was full of crumpled up newspapers and one small (0,33) beer in it. 
I took a look at the newspapers and thought, you cannot trust anyone... even a stranger.
I took a look at the beer and thought, I have a new friend.

I started to think about the Stranger, why he remainded about himself? To show that he is not caught by EESTI POLITSEI? To show that he is not dead? Anyway he is not doing very illegal stuff, just some small hooliganism, while he is drunk. Thats nothing. Even in Estonian Criminal Law is not mentioned the case about stealing the street signs.. there is only a point of what happens if you steal a corpse, a freakin dead body. But Stranger claims, that he has never done it. I guess we should all be equal, but it is not possible.. only the corpes are equal. So here is the lesson for to they said by a qoute:

"No one ever wins, no one finally loses, except the dead. Under the sun, they rot together, with absolute, biological equality."


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I Expect You to Protect What You Collect

Mostly all of us collect something. 
Some gather stamps or beer pallets, some collect antique cars. 
Our Stranger admited that he collects street signs. I was surprised of course, because it is illegal if you try to screw those off the houses or fences. I wanted to ask to Stranger, whether he's been caught by EESTI POLITSEI, but of course.. I cannot contact Stranger. He contacts me, when he has some news. He also left in the convert some pictures and video from his collection. The video I cannot yet put on, but the picture will be.

Anyway, I tried to contact EESTI POLITSEI via mail and ask - what is the biggest possible fine for stealing street signs. But I havent received an answer yet. So basically this is a weak post and I am a weak journalist. Better luck next time.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Run Short in Public Transport

At the start the Stranger couldn’t understand the system of public transport in Estonia.
What to buy? How to buy? From whom to buy? How to use?
Yeah, he was one inexperienced bastard in those times.

Actually in every of these public vehicles there were a big yellow stickers (and still are there) saying:
"Do You have a ticket?! Fine for driving without ticket = 600 EEK." Stranger was surprised! Are you for real? 600 EEK?!! What a family circus? 600 EEK are equal to 39 EUR or 50 USD! A bit too much for the Strangers' pocket, I guess. Of course the Stranger being naive from that period of time, started to buy Monthly Cards. He paid 170 EEK (11 Euros) for a month and he could drive all the week days in all the public metal horses for free one month. And what is the most important fact - he had no stress about those 600 EEK I mentioned before.

Here in Tallinn it goes like this - you have a monthly ticket and show it to the FALCK, who are the control crew. So far Stranger has lived in Tallinn for 11 months, but has seen this control crew only three times. So if we do simple mathematical calculations by counting together all he has spent on monthly cards it is 1340 crones, but with three control crew visits in his transport he would have been paid 1800 crones. So the Stranger still feels comfortable about his choice to buy a monthly card. Stranger feels ok with this, but what do other peers say?

"I never buy any tickets or monthly cards. I have never seen these control guys. I don’t actually bother for this stuff. I think that public transport should be for free."
--Benas (foreigner)--

"I had once this accident concerning these control crews. As you maybe might know, the local people here in Tallinn have ID cards. They have an option to transfer the money to these cards monthly and use them in the same way as others are using monthly tickets. So I made a deal with my mother couple of years ago, that she will transfer the money to my account so I would have no trouble using transport. Recently this control crew at last enters the bus I am driving. I show them my ID, but they say that it is empty. Later I found out that my mother forgot to send me money for this transport ages ago, so it means I drove public transport as a cheater couple of years. Oh lucky me, lucky bastard me. But now I decided to get driving license so would have no trouble with this public transport."
--Ott (Local)--

"I always say that I am from Latvia and don’t understand anything. They almost always let me go without paying the fine."
--Zane (foreigner)--

This is what The Stranger has heard from his peers. He is not feeling as lucky as Benas, he knows that the control crew will step sooner or later IN while he will drive the transport.
He is also not feeling that he is able to get the driving license.
He is also not feeling very Latvian to say all these excuses.
He will continue to buy monthly cards, and that will take out one POSSIBLE DANGER that can strike him in any time of the day. Stranger feels as a good citizen and is just ONE STEP CLOSER TO THE DREAM BECOMING AS ONE OF THE Honorary Citizens of Tallinn.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Intro Lines Full of Deadly Mines

This is (and will be) an official rumor blog which consist true facts about extraordinary STRANGER (a young male/foreigner, who recently settled in Estonia). So let me cut the INTRO CRAP and start typing, ok?


They say that Tallinn (Capitol of Estonia) is ranked as one of the most intellectual cities in the world, or even in the whole universe. Of course this intellectual city of intellectuals is somewhat uncomfortable living area for our main hero – The Stranger.

You would ask why?

Well here’s the answer – The Stranger is not an intellectual, he likes to spend his time opening beer instead of
being an intellectual”. So I hope you get the point - if you’re a “beer-loving-non-intellectual” foreigner in the city of intellectuals, there is plenty of “Intellectual” DANGER lurking around you.

Now we are in the test period, but later it looks like we will try to put up the biggest dangers, that lurked around our STRANGER during the time he spent in Tallinn so far. And then try to get into more new dangers together with our Stranger. Pictures, Videos and comments from eyewitnesses also will be included.